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"I really love playing in Cork Ireland too. There’s a party called Sir Henry’s that’s been going for years and years and years, it’s just moved venues about a year ago. That’s a magical place, the people just live and breathe really soulful deep house music and that’s a fun place to play for me because that’s similar to my musical style" Miguel Migs

(From interview on



"Playing in Cork is a unique experience, I have to say I don't know any audience like that anywhere else in Europe. Because of the resident Djs Greg & Shane and because of the crowd’s knowledge, it is actually pretty challenging to play over there: In Cork you can hear amazing music beautifully programmed all year long, so if you play there you have to make sure that you at least match their standard!" - DJ Deep (








(From Muzik Magazine December 1998)












"Sir Henrys in Cork (Ireland) was completely off the hook" - Miguel Migs (

































































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Sonic Youth & Nirvana - August 20th 1991

(Not quite house but interesting all the same)









Tour Diary excerpt from David Markey (Video Director for Nirvana/Sonic Youth)


Ireland - Wake up on the couch in the back of the bus at the crack of dawn. Moved here in the middle of the night from the coffin-like, crawl-space bunk. Beautiful super-green Irish country side rolling by. Everyone else is still sleeping. Have a coffee and rap with Terry, SY's sound guy. He's awesome, and I tell him I plan on using his sound board tapes as audio for my film. Arrive at our first stop on this tour, in the county of Cork. The band(s) and crew all have breakfast together in this old inn we're staying at that's attached to the club, Sir Henry's. My first impression of Europe as an American: everything is old. I dig it. This is my first time here, and I'm stoked. It's like walking into a history book. Nothing lasts for long in LA, it's great to be somewhere so rich with time. Cool out for a while back at the room. Lee arrives and attempts some shut eye, he's been up all night in transit. European MTV is showing Motley Crue struggling through a version of the Sex Pistols' "Anarchy In The UK" at some big European festival. Perhaps maybe one of the ones we'll be at. Can jetlag cause you to hallucinate something this surreal? I make a sarcastic comment, "Wow, 1991 is the year that punk rock finally breaks." The show tonight is in a small club, I guess a "warm-up" for the big festival shows to follow. I hear bus loads of English fans are arriving just for this gig. There are old go-go cages in the back of the club, and I film Grohl go-going for it inside of one. Nirvana open the show and rock especially hard in this small space, 'tho filming suffers tonight due to the little light available in this pub. I shoot Kurt backstage nursing a tall-can of Heineken. I bust out with the obligatory Blue Velvet/Frank Booth reference "Heineken?! Fuck that shit! PABST BLUE RIBBON!" Kurt smiles back at me. Sonics take the stage and workout big time. They play good, alot of "Goo" songs, and quite a few older ones, and some new. There is a girl up front who keeps yelling for "Bubblegum" in between each song. Needless to say, she didn't get her request. No Watt in the house tonight, and I don't think they've ever played this song live.



Cork Band "Burning Embers" live footage and interview from Sir Henry's as part of Carling/Hotpress Band Competition in 1986









A Beermat !




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